You want to save some money…right?


Life’s easier when things don’t cost a fortune. Life’s easier with Kingston Noble. Partnering with us feels like working with an in-house recruitment team, without having to pay for one.

Billing…but better.

Whenever you work with us, you’ll only pay for candidates who we actually place. You’ll never pay for services you weren’t after in the first place. How can we guarantee that? Well, we bother to listen to what you want and then deliver it ASAP.

Can I find top talent myself?

If you’re a massive fan of extra hassle, you could give it a go. But do you (really) have time to look through hundreds of top CVs, and find the personalities who will turn your teams into dream teams? We thought not. Save some time and let us deliver you brilliant candidates before they get a job with one of your competitors.

We know that to attract top talent, you need top marketing.

Create job adverts that your candidates will tell their friends about..

Don’t tell people where you’ve been. Tell them where you’re going. Great job adverts tell candidates why you’re an exciting business to work for and how you’ll give them the lifestyle of their dreams (if they get the job).

Our experts know exactly how to get that message across.

We have been doing this for over 30 years after all.

Our team has found hero key workers. They’ve also found brilliant managers who’ve driven growth for businesses just like yours. Without our support, the tech wizards who are building some of the UK’s most crucial infrastructure would never have believed that they were wizards.

Because we view our client relationships as partnerships, we get to know your sector as well as you do. Whatever you’re after, we’ll find the perfect solution for your business.

Personalised service and great results? That’s the Kingston Noble Effect.

Want to boost your bottom line? Let’s talk