John Street – Director

We are extremely blessed to have worked with Kingston Noble. Nikky and her team are an absolute Godsend. free-at-last-logo

Over the last few years, the world of youth work has been decimated by Government cuts. Finding good quality youth workers has proven very difficult. When we were blessed with grants from Children In Need and the Big Lottery Fund to employ 5 youth workers – whilst undertaking a new building project – we knew we needed help! We required a highly experienced, successful and supportive recruitment partner to help us meet our needs for the project, the funders and to complement our existing staff team.


In the past, I had always thought that spending money on getting someone else to find my staff was inefficient but Nikky and her team have proven themselves to be absolutely priceless. We now have 5 new members of staff who not only fit the job descriptions perfectly but work exceptionally well together, reflecting their client group and complementing the rest of our staff team.


Nikky has not just enabled us to appoint new staff, she took over the whole process from start to finish, taking the stress, pressure and workload from me. She is an absolute Godsend. We are extremely blessed to have had Nikky and Kingston Noble working with us and using their highly
professional skills to help us improve the lives of the children and young people we serve.


I absolutely, categorically recommend Kingston Noble for any care – based and administrative recruitment, and will actively promote their quality, professionalism, care and concern for many years to come.


Thank you very, very much for all that you have done. We are forever indebted to you.