6 Things Your Home Office Really Needs

Posted Tuesday June 1, 2021

About a year ago, you converted your spare room into a home office for what your thought would only be a few weeks. It’s still your home office… If you haven’t started put decorations up, you definitely should.


Get some great art

What’s behind you on Zoom calls? Zoom backgrounds are really fun and can make a great impression – but everyone uses them. Imagine if people saw a painting when you joined their call. Not a backdrop of a painting, but a genuine work of art hanging on your wall. How amazing would that look? That says: ‘I’m going to own this meeting, just like I own my office.’ Your meeting would get off to a fantastic start.


Get a proper microphone

How many times have you joined a Zoom call and wondered if you’ve just interrupted the other person’s game of Halo? Gamer headsets are great for Xbox Live, but not so good for business. Getting a proper microphone that allows everyone on the call to hear you clearly, shows that you’re ready for business.

Make sure that when you leave a meeting, people think of you as a reliable business leader who made insightful comments, not someone who popped onto Zoom during their day off.


Get a plant

Plants are wonderful. They smell nice, they look good, and they make any room calmer. It’s almost impossible to feel stressed while you’re looking at a daffodil. Some of the best plants for relieving stress are:

  • Lavender – If stress relief had a smell, it would be lavender. This famous plant has made people from all walks of life more relaxed for generations. It can only mean good things for your home office.
  • Basil – As well as looking amazing, basil also makes an amazing snack. Why not enjoy some while you’re crunching through that urgent report. If you’re looking to give your lunchtime salad a kick, Basil will do wonders for that too.
  • Aloe vera – This legendary plant looks great, is low-maintenance and will release nothing but positive vibes into your home office. Aloe vera makes another day of homeworking that bit better.

Get an extra PC monitor

Laptops are ideal for so many things. However, squinting over a laptop for an entire day is about as good for your health as eating an entire tub of ice cream hourly. Using two screens will give your eyes a much-needed rest during busy days.

Another monitor will also help you to be more efficient because you won’t have to keep flicking between a few tabs on the same screen. The benefits to your health and productivity will make the cost of an extra screen well worth it.

Get a comfy chair

Working on the sofa is great until you get back pain. Using a comfortable chair with height adjusters is a great way to get through a busy day without those awful aches in your back. These chairs also allow you to conveniently swivel and welcome any unexpected guests who might come running into your office.

Unfortunately, signs on your office door explaining that visitors shouldn’t disturb you aren’t always taken seriously.

Get some great lighting

Have you ever joined a Zoom meeting with someone sat in the dark? You find yourself staring intently into the screen but still can’t quite see them. Not being able to meet up face-to-face is one thing. Not being able to see someone on a video call is quite another. Can you rely on them to successfully deliver a project if you can’t rely on them to switch the light on for a meeting?

Meeting everyone in great lighting stop people from making this assumption about you. You’ll show them that you’re enthusiastic about their project and ready to deliver them excellent results.

While you’re creating your ideal work environment, have a think about whether you’re in your ideal job. Are you on target to smash your goals for 2021? Would you like a new challenge? Would a new role in a new sector give you the chance to live your dreams?

If you think it’s time for a change, why not chat with our friendly team? We have vacancies in loads of different sectors. If you’re not sure where you’re headed next, our experts are there to point you in the right direction.

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