5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Small Businesses

Posted Thursday November 19, 2020


5 Reasons why everyone loves small businesses

Everyone loves small businesses. Right now, they need our help more than ever before. When you’re looking for the perfect commercial partners, it can be so easy just to contact the biggest name with the flashiest marketing. Sure, these businesses have done wonderful work for a series of clients, but are they the perfect partners for you?

Choosing to work with a small business over a big corporate could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.  Here are 5 reasons why…

SMEs make decisions really quickly…

When you work with smaller businesses, you can speak to a senior decision-maker almost immediately. That helps to get deals over the line quickly and solve issues within hours (not weeks). You’ll also avoid feeling as though you’ve reached an agreement, before having to go through the whole thing again several times because your original agreement didn’t get sign-off from the right person.

and give you brilliant service…

When you work with a smaller business, you’re not just a number or one of many valued accounts. SME owners will do everything possible to ensure that you succeed. They will spend loads of time finding out exactly what you want and treat you like the superstar you are. Would you prefer to work with someone who is passionate about your business, or someone who is interested in your growth – but would rather be working with another company?

Plus, you can grow with small businesses and embark on your exciting entrepreneurial journeys together. Everyone is going through a really difficult time at the minute. Imagine coming out of this after Covid has passed knowing that you and your SME partners supported each other through all the chaos of 2020. How great will that feel? Would you get the same feeling if you were working with a huge business that doesn’t really need your support to weather the worst effects of the pandemic?

Giving you more for less…

Large businesses have enormous overheads. They often maintain and staff offices around the world. That costs a lot of money. Many of these businesses pay for everything by charging their clients huge fees. The pandemic is showing that even the biggest names can work well from home. So…do you really want to be paying for these grand offices every time you work with them? We thought not.

Whenever you work with a small business, you’ll benefit from great expertise and quality service without paying for these overheads. Why pay for stuff you don’t need?

and flexible services that change with your business…

Smaller businesses are often more than happy to change their usual service offerings just for you. Why? Well… you might help them to innovate a new product or service, which they can then sell to their other clients. Growing any business is an adventure, and part of that adventure involves adapting your services over time.

Big businesses often have far more rigid structures and would require at least 8 team meetings before adapting their services. By that time, you could have successfully completed at least 8 different innovative projects with an SME.


As well as a single point of contact

Having one point of contact who manages your entire project will save you so much time and stress. With small businesses, this efficient service often comes as standard. In larger businesses, who might find yourself dealing with whole teams of consultants. What happens if you forget someone’s name? How awkward would that be?

What happens if you phone one consultant, get put through to another, and then spend so long on hold that you forget what you were going to say in the first place?

Small businesses will always have the person you need to speak to on the end of the phone whenever you need them.


Usually, we’d finish these blogs by talking about recruitment, but today we wanted to talk about something else. So many great small businesses are struggling because of COVID-19. They were just about recovering from the first lockdown and then had to prepare for a second lockdown on less than a full week’s notice. Please take advantage of the immense pool of talent on your doorstep.

Then enjoy great results locally, knowing that your fees are going straight back into your community.

See how we help SMEs grow to their full potential here.